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Incredible Hulk

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She-Hulk (drawing by Frank Cho)

The Incredible Hulk Movies

Hulk smash puny people who don't watch Hulk movies!! ~ The Savage Hulk
MarvelMarvel's The Avengers movie (2012)

An extraterrestrial race called the Chitauri wants the powerful Tesseract cube (introduced in Captain America The First Avenger movie) which is in custody of S... > More...

The Incredible HulkThe Incredible Hulk movie (2008)
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(By Peter Silvestro) Bruce Banner is hiding in Brazil, working in a juice factory while (a) learning to control his anger, and (b) searching for a cure for his condition, collaborating via Internet using his laptop with an American scientist code-named Mr... > More...
The HulkThe Hulk movie (2003)
David Banner is a scientist working for the US Department of Defense doing research on self-healing factors... > More...
The Death of the Incredible HulkThe Death of the Incredible Hulk movie (1990)
Dr. David Banner is helped by Dr. Pratt to find a cure for becoming the Hulk, but Banner later has to turn into the Hulk to defend Pratt and their work from terrorists... > More...
The Trial of the Incredible HulkThe Trial of the Incredible Hulk movie (1989)
Dr. David Banner is unjustily accused of murdering a woman, and is locked behind bars... > More...
The Incredible Hulk ReturnsThe Incredible Hulk Returns movie (1988)
Dr. David Banner is working on a gamma-ray device that may cure him from becoming the Hulk, but his lab is destroyed when a former student of his, Donald Blake, turns into Thor, and battles the Hulk... > More...
The Incredible HulkThe Incredible Hulk movie (1977)
A 2-hour TV-movie pilot that preceded the live-action TV series "The Incredible Hulk". Bill Bixby stars as Dr... > More...

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