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Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner Welcome to The Incredible Hulk Library, a comprehensive unofficial fan-made Incredible Hulk website. Find comics (synopses, comments, classics, upcoming comics), movies (synopses, cast), videos (trailers, interviews), wallpapers and MUCH more about Marvel Comics' The Incredible Hulk!

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Kluh makes enemies by the dozen among car insurance companies in Axis #5New official Avengers 2 movie trailer plus interviews of the full cast of Age of Ultron!Enter the Hulks Hulk: KLUH. Avengers & X-Men: AXIS #4. Nuff said.The Red She-Hulk is NOT going without a fight in Hulk (2014) #8 MEMORY LANE: The Incredible Hulk battled giant bugs in Incredible Hulk #194 (1975).

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Important and Great Stories from the Hulk's Past Revisited

November 25, 2014
While waiting for the December comics, I decided to revise old Hulk comics. Man, I'm glad I did. Those Stan Lee stories were so special, and still shine.

Back in those early days, Bruce Banner turned into the Hulk at midnight and reverted at sunlight... Then, he would only transform bathed by gamma rays. Finally, strain would cause the metamorphosis (it has been that way for most of his life) BUT the Hulk also turned back into his human self on times of stress!

And did you know the Hulk could fly??

Without further introduction, I invite you to visit our comic pages for Incredible Hulk #1 (enter the Hulk and the whole main gang), #2 (Toad Men), #3 (Circus of Crime), #4 (Hulk flies!), #5 (Tyrannus) and #6 (the Metal Master) plus Tales to Astonish #60 and #61 (the Indestructible Robot, enter Glenn Talbot) with completely rewritten enhanced synopses, page previews, and large covers. Enjoy ~ Julio

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Quote of the Week

"Girl: "Since when can the Hulk talk good?!". Hulk: "Talk well.""

~ Hulk, girl
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Red She-Hulk


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