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Welcome to The Incredible Hulk Library site! This vast web resource is an unofficial but fun, complete, useful, and fan-made Incredible Hulk website that includes among other things:
  • A comprehensive comics library (with old, new and upcoming comics).
  • All movies with cool film info and photos.
  • Videos including movie trailers, deleted scenes, and gags.
  • Image galleries with wallpapers, movie posters, original artwork, and MUCH more about Marvel Comics' The Incredible Hulk!
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The Incredible Hulk Site Updates and News

Latest Site Update

God Smashes... And the Abomination Too?

October 11, 2014

This week The Hulk Library presents the finale of the Hulk vs Zeus clash in Incredible Hulks #622. (Where the Hulk gets to do something some people may have thought of doing: Hitting God in the face.)

And we go back a few months to Hulk (2014) #2 where our formidable green friend faces the Abomination, or someone just like him. This time, the ugly monster is in his full original might. That is, he's stronger than the Hulk himself! #2 is the first of a three-issues story depicting the Abomination (and partly the Avengers). Issues #3 and #4 were written by pal Rob Johnson, comics guru and site manager of the


Zeus Vs. Hulk: Oh My God....It is the Hulk Vs. a Stronger Abomination Once Again! Who Will Win This Time?With friends like these... The Hulk is Out for A-Bomb in Hulk #6!Zeus, Here I Come!! The Hulk Invades Olympus in Incredible Hulks #621Original Sin Finale


Original Sin Finale

Latest Incredible Hulk Comic Book Issue

Hulk (2014) #6 cover

Note: This is the latest published issue from this comic book with a synopsis in our comics library.

Book name / Issue number:

Hulk (2014) #6


"The Hulk Chapter Two"

Date of Publication:
September 2014

Gerry Duggan (Writer), Mark Bagley (Penciler), Andrew Hennessy (Inker), Jason Keith (Colorist)

3 stars

Hulk, who calls himself Doc GreenHulk, who calls himself Doc Green now (calling him Hulk makes him, em, angry), is convinced that he must de-power A-Bomb, and the other gamma spawned creatures, because they all represent extremely dangerous unstable weapons.

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Latest Incredible Hulk Related News

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September 8, 2014

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September 4, 2014

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November 11, 2013

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Quote of the Week

"Yon shadow belongs to him who hath defeated thee!"

~ Thor
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Classic Comic of the Week

Classic Incredible Hulk comic of the week:

Incredible Hulk #210 cover

Incredible Hulk #210
(April 1977)

"And Call The Doctor... Druid!"

5 stars

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