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Villanous Doc Green gets a beating from the Red Hulk, and it feels good! Check out Hulk Vol. 2 #10Its the end of Axis, and the end of Kluh? Check out Avengers & X-Men: Axis the conclusion here.Hulk has an encounter with Ms. Marvel in Avengers (2012 series) #39. Does she feel good about it?Hulk is about to fight Thanos. No easy task. Get prepared, check out the first chapter here.The Hulk does his best Nicholson interpretation in Hulk #9 (Dec 2014): Insainly Great Comic!

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to The Incredible Hulk Library, a comprehensive unofficial fan-made Incredible Hulk website.

Find comics (synopses, comments, classics, upcoming comics), movies (synopses, cast), videos (trailers, interviews), wallpapers and MUCH more about Marvel Comics' The Incredible Hulk!

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Latest Site Update

Hulk Gets the Baxter Building As His New Lair

January 24, 2015
I've always considered the Red Hulk a hateful character, but this time I am on his side. On Hulk (series 2014) #10, he gives the "Doc Green" Hulk a superb beating. This new "young Maestro" incarnation of the Hulk is even more hateful than Ross. So, go Red!

Rob Johnson from our sibling site the Iron Man Library writes several synopses that include our favorite character the Hulk and they include: 
And Peter Silvestro from the Mighty Thor Library (among other Libraries) writes Axis #9, the conclusion of the Avengers / X-Men mega event where Hulk is "Kluh".

Finally, new Hulk high definition wallpapers were added to the Wallpapers Gallery. If you have not visited it in a while, you are in for some cool suprising artwork.

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