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The Hulk does his best Nicholson interpretation in Hulk #9 (Dec 2014): Insainly Great Comic!A young Maestro is upon us. Download new HD wallpapers for your large screens.Beautiful painted Hulk wallpaper by Patrick Blaine also featuring Betty, Leader, Bibeast and Rhino.Kluh makes enemies by the dozen among car insurance companies in Axis #5New official Avengers 2 movie trailer plus interviews of the full cast of Age of Ultron!

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December 8, 2014
The Hulk, who now calls himself Doctor Green or Doc Green for short, is extremely smart.

He became that way thanks to Tony Stark's Extremis, used in Bruce Banner's brain to heal his seemingly irreversible brain damage.

Since then, Doc Green has been on a quest to de-power all Gamma spawned creatures. As is, A-Bomb, the Red She-Hulk, and Skaar can no longer turn into their stronger selves. Now that less "Hulks" remain, writer Gerry Duggan reveals in Hulk (2014 series) #9 the scary true path of the new Hulk...

I've given this comic 5 stars, the maximum grade possible. 

Fortunately, after the numerous deep creative lows of the past years, the Hulk comic has gotten back to glorious days. 

If you are not picking the book up, go for it. 

And visit the Wallpapers page for new HD images of the Hulk for your large screen computers.

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